Positions To Give Him The Best Orgasm

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Whether you are a woman looking for better positions to please your partner or a man who wants to enhance his own pleasure, you have come to the right place! This guide is specifically for men and sex positions that will give him more incredible stimulation and explosive climaxes. While sexual positions should be fun and satisfying for both parties, we are going to focus on the best positions to drive him wild!

1. Lay Back Blowjob
Since we are talking about positions that are ideal for him, I think it’s appropriate to include an oral sex position that will really blow him away. In this position, the giver lies on her back and lets her head dangle off the edge of the bed. This helps open the throat for a better blowjob and deepthroating! Her partner can then enter from a standing or kneeling position and gently thrust to a depth that the giver is comfortable with. This is a great position for beginner deepthroating if you are trying to enhance your oral sex skills.

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2. Woman On Top
In this position, the woman simply mounts her man and rides him, giving her greater control of the speed and depth of penetration. Why is this a great position for studs? The visuals are great! If she is facing him, he gets full access to her bouncing breasts and her clit while getting an unobstructed view of all the hot, penetrative action. Another reason it is great is because it puts the woman in control, and that is sexy in itself. Her confidence plus the little show she puts on will be enough to drive you to some pretty powerful climaxes!

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3. Lay Down, Legs Up
In this position, the woman lays on her back with a pillow or two under her waist. The man can then enter her from a sitting or missionary-style position. Not only does this create great depth for intense penetration, but it is another great visual position! He can see his partner writhing with pleasure in full view and has access to her breasts and clit. Plus, her legs can be placed in a variety of positions to change the sensations! Her ankles can go up over his shoulders or she can bend her knees and pull them back. Both ways feels amazing and will give the man the intense stimulation he’s looking for.


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