5 Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

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There is nothing wrong with having sex inside the bedroom, but wouldn’t it be fun to get down and dirty elsewhere? Having sex outside of the bedroom is a great way to spice up humdrum sex, which means more intense pleasure and satisfaction for you and your lover! Where should you go, and what positions work well for these unique places? Keep reading to find out!

1. The Kitchen
The kitchen is practically a haven of smooth, hard surfaces for you to seduce your lover on! Marble countertops, dining tables, and chairs are ideal for all kinds of sexy positions that will leave you and your lover totally satisfied. Pop a squat on the counter and have your partner enter you while standing! Or sprawl out on the table and experience Intimate Couple Kissingmissionary in a whole new way! There is no shortage of places to sit and screw in the kitchen.

2. The Shower
Get dirty while you get clean by having sex in the shower! Having sex in the shower is super steamy; literally! You and your lover will be all hot and wet before you get started. While shower sex can be a little tricky with all the slippery walls and standing positions, it still feels amazing. Bend down and let your lover enter you from behind or get on your knees and please your partner orally! Plus, clean-up has never been easier.



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3. The Car

For as long as there have been cars, people have been screwing in them. There is something about the tight, semi-private enclosure of a backseat that just makes you want to go ham on your partner. Climb on top and ride your lover or tease one another digitally from the front seats! Fulfill your exhibitionist fantasies by driving to a deserted parking lot to do the deed. Too nervous to go out? Having car sex in the driveway or even the garage is a great, private way to indulge your desires anyway!

4. The Great Outdoors
If you are fortunate enough to have a private yard or know of a secluded spot you and your partner could do the deed, it’s time to get busy! You definitely don’t want to get caught or have to worry about getting caught, so finding a private location is important, but there also a little fun in the danger of it all! Slip your pants down or wear a skirt to give your partner easy entry. Or, find a comfortable place to lay down and get naughty in nature by using all your favorite sex positions!

5. The Pool / Jacuzzi
Like the shower, the pool or Jacuzzi is a great way to get a little wet and wild! But it can be even more fun because you have more room to move around and you are submerged in water! You can do it in most any position this way, but I highly recommend taking full advantage of the jets in any Jacuzzi tub you and your partner get in.

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