How To Make Missionary Sex More Exciting

Cock Rings Are Great For Spicing Up Missionary Sex!
The missionary position is, in general, the default sex position for most couples. And why not? It’s easy to do and it feels great! But even if this is your favorite sexual position, there is no denying that it can get a little drab at times. Well, fret no more, because here are 5 tips to make missionary more exciting!

1. Do More with Your Partner
You can do all kinds of things to your partner during missionary sex such as whisper in their ear, scratch their back, massage their breasts, and kiss their neck. If you act more impassioned by the sex, it will feel more intense! So try to give your lover lots of attention and erotic stimulation and your missionary sex will feel much improved!

2. Move Your Legs
Your legs don’t need to always be flat on the bed or slightly bent. You can hoist them up in the air, fold them around your lover, or hold your knees up by your head. This is a great way to change up stimulation and give you and your partner more intense pleasure.
Sexy Couple Having Missionary Sex
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3. Put Pillows under Your Hips
Putting pillows under your hips will change the angle of your body and thus, the sex will feel different! This is also a great way to enhance G-spot stimulation. It feels incredible, it’s easy to do, and it’s perfect for making missionary sex more stimulating! You hardly have to change your routine, yet it feels oh-so good.

4. Use a Vibrating Cock Ring
A cock ring helps him last longer and say harder while giving her heightened clit stimulation and even vibrations! Since the clit is not always easily accessible in the missionary position, a cock ring can give you the pleasure you crave. It enhances his performance while giving her intense vibes and pinpoint stimulation.

5. Incorporate Fantasies / Bondage Play
Experiencing erotic sex or living out some of your naughty sexual fantasies is a great way to have incredible missionary sex! Let your lover tie you up and fulfill your submissive desires by taking you in the missionary position! Wear a blindfold and let your partner do whatever they want to please you. Who wouldn’t enjoy being ravished in the missionary position?

Sex Toys To Enhance Missionary Sex

Jaguar Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock RingGet the intense clit stimulation you desire with this vibrating cock ring! Have your lover wear this during missionary sex. It will improve his performance and help him last longer for incredible stimulation! The removable bullet vibe will give you the pleasure you need for a powerful orgasm!

Plush Mask With Cuffs

Beginner-Friendly Bondage KitFulfill your submissive fantasies with this beginner-friendly bondage set! It comes with a plush eyemask and a set of ribbon-tied cuffs. The set looks kinky and sensual so you can indulge your most erotic sexual desires. 

Chain Nipple Clamps

Kinky Nipple ChainLove nipple stimulation? Enjoy intense pleasure during missionary sex with these nipple clamps! Erotically chain-linked, you can easily tug and pull to spice up missionary play.  The increase in kinky sensations will make sex a lot more exciting!

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