How To Be Great In Bed

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Do you want to impress your lover by being great in the sack? Even if you don’t consider yourself a regular God or Goddess in bed, it can be easy to spice up your routine and blow your partner away! Check out these tips and tricks to be great in bed!

1. Know Your Partner
The best way to be great in bed is to know what your partner likes in bed! So, draw on past sexual experiences with your lover and think about what they really enjoyed. Do they always moan when you whisper in their ear or bite their neck? Sexy Couple In BedDoes your partner go crazy for dirty talk, romance, or fantasy sex? Incorporate these elements into your evening! If you aren’t sure, you should always feel comfortable to have an open discussion with your partner about the things you both like.

2. Take Your Time
If you want to impress your partner with your awesome sex skills, be sure to savor every moment of it! Don’t feel rushed and don’t try to rush your partner, especially during foreplay. Revel in every touch, sound, and taste and you and your lover will experience more intense pleasure and greater satisfaction.

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3. Foreplay
Foreplay is your chance to warm up your lover for great sex! Extending foreplay will make your partner aroused and eager for more of you. The actual act of intercourse does not need to be the main goal; instead, your main goal should be to pleasure your lover like never before! So indulge in every kiss, lick, and bite. Give mind-blowing oral. Keep it going until your lover is just begging for it!

Change Up Positions
If you want to be great in bed, you have to get creative and spice things up for your partner! This means trying a variety of positions and erotic techniques to drive your lover wild. So stray from standard missionary and tempt your partner with doggy style, woman on top, standing, bent over the side of the bed, on the floor, reverse cowgirl, in a sitting position, or any other position the two of you can enjoy!

Keep Going
Don’t make the orgasm the finish line – make it a pit stop! As mentioned before, the goal of great sex should simply be to give your partner incredible pleasure, but this doesn’t mean things have to end after orgasm! Some women can have multiple orgasms, but it can feel good to simply continue the stimulation until one or both partners are ready to perform again! So keep things hot with more foreplay and oral between orgasms. Interrupt the sex to tease your partner in other ways; this will help your partner achieve a more explosive orgasm!

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