How To Tell She's Turned On

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If you are trying to arouse your lover, you probably want to know if what you are doing is working. There are many ways to tell if she is getting turned on by you. Some of these signals are sent unconsciously while others she sends intentionally to let you know you are making her hot! Here are just 5 signs she’s turned on by you.

1. She’s Flirty & Interested
A good indication that she’s turned on is that she mirrors your flirtatious behavior. She will stay engaged in the conversation and focused on you. If she’s not that into your advances, she’s less likely to seem interested in the conversation and respond in any sexy way.Erotic Couple Kissing In Bed

2. She’s Receptive
An aroused woman is more likely to be open to your advances; literally. She might push her chest out or spread her legs a little to show you’re making her hot! If your partner seems responsive and starts to loosen up, she’s probably turned on!

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3. She Touches You
A brush on the arm or a touch of the hand can be very revealing! Usually it is a sign the person is comfortable talking to you, and if you are putting on the moves, it can mean she is turned on!

4. She’s Moving Closer To You
Another good sign she’s turned on is that she will be inching closer to you. If she’s moving in the opposite direction, she’s definitely not feeling it. But if your partner wants to close the gap between you or even snuggle up to you, she’s probably a little turned on!

5. She Tells You
Some women are a little more up front about their feelings so she may just go ahead and tell you! This is, of course, the best way to know for sure and a good sign that you should continue! If she tells you, she may be eager for you to make your next move, so get ready to heat things up!

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