5 Things She Can Do While On Top

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Being on top gives you a greater range of motion and more flexibility compared to being on bottom during sex. Your hands are free to touch and stimulate you and your lover! Women also have the option of erotically riding their partners backwards! When you are a woman on top, you have more control over the pleasure you and your lover experience. So, what should you do with this excess power? Keep reading to find out!

1. Kiss or Bite
When you’re on top, you have the most leverage to do the erotic kissing and biting! Pleasure your man by nibbling on his ear, whispering naughty things, and biting his neck! This will heighten his stimulation and intensify his pleasure during sex. It is a great way toSexy Couple Having Sex keep him hot for you.

2. Grab Her Breasts
Your man gets the best view of you while you are on top, so why not give him a little show while enhancing your own pleasure? Playing with your breasts and nipples is not only intensely stimulating, but also incredibly hot to watch! So grab your breasts, pinch your nipples, and show him just how sexy you can be!

3. Stimulate Her Clit
Being on top gives you great access to your clit during sex! So while you’re riding topside, you can also rub your clit for incredible dual stimulation. Most women need more than penetration alone to climax, and this is a great position for women who want to enhance pleasure for powerful climaxes. You also control the pace of the lovemaking, making it easier to heighten stimulation.


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4. Lean Back or Turn Around
Leaning back or riding your partner reverse cowgirl style is a great way to change up the sensations of sex! You will get more intense internal stimulation and spice things up for you and your lover. So, to keep on-top sex fresh and exciting, change the way you ride him! You’ll love it and he’ll love it, too!

5. Hold His Hands, Neck, or Hair
Because you’re on top, your arms are free to tease and please your lover! You can pull his hair or hold his shoulders. You could also hold his hands to give yourself more support while you ride! You can drag your hands down his chest, squeeze his biceps, or put your hands against the wall for a really intense ride!

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